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Our Claims Process

Let us Handle Everything for You.

We understand that having an accident can be an extremely stressful time for both a business and an individual.

  • Don’t Stress! Let’s do this together.
  • Seamless lodgement
  • Assistance with Repairs and Towing
  • Replacement Vehicle (Subject to Insurance Coverage)
  • Always ready to take your call when needed.
... Insurance and Claims specialist

Providing specialised and trusted advice to Australians for over 9+ yrs.


What we need from you?

  • Fill out the claim form in detail.
  • Provide details of the accident.
  • Drivers License and Registration Paper.
  • Response within 12-24hrs from date of lodgement.

Making a Claim

The claims process is made easy with us at National Cover. For any URGENT claims please call directly on 07 2139 6418
Motor Claims

Designed to make it hassle free for you. Guided every step of the way. Claim Number received within 48hrs.

Business Claims

Let us help you get back to doing what you do best! Please call our friendly team on 07 2139 6418 to start your lodgement today!

Public Liability & Marine Transit Claims

Stolen Goods? Property Damage? We're here to help. Call us on 07 2139 6418 to make a lodgement

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Whether you're seeking advice on a claim, new lodgement or need assistance. Look no further!

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    Claims process

    At National Cover, we take a step-by-step approach to provide transparent recoveries for all claims.
    Have your Claim
    Form & Documents Ready

    We will need all the information we can get regarding your claim.

    Lodge a Claim

    Once your claim is lodged and a review is undertaken, our repair team or an assessor will be in contact.

    Assessment & Repairs

    Once assessment is completed, repairs can begin. We aim to get your vehicle/s back on the road ASAP.

    Track your Claim

    Our friendly team will actively keep you updated on a regular basis.

    Finalise your Claim

    We will let you know once your claim is settled. Recovery times can vary dependant on your type of claim.

    Why Choose National Cover

    • Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs
    • Replacement Cars on all Not At Fault Claims
    • 24x7 Towing
    • 100% Online Claims Lodgement
    • Excess Discount when Repaired through our Preferred Repairer

    Did you know you can switch your insurance anytime?

    We can switch your current insurance policy with a reduced premium

    Most insurers will grant you a return premium if you cancel during the existing policy period. Simply call your current insurer and ask how much you would be credited if you changed insurers.

    This means you do not have to wait for your current policy to expire to make the change to National Cover!